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Based on internet averages, our network is visited more frequently by more males than females (51% vs. 49%) ages 18-58 that have children, and are college educated.

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  • 1.3million unique listeners

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  • 21.5 million

    unique listeners worldwide (50% from the US)

We promote our network very aggressively in media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Email (60 million email addresses worldwide), etc.

Email (60 million email addresses worldwide), etc.


Hosts more than 6,000 radio stations streaming all kinds of genres generating an average of more than 380,000-page views per day and growing.


hosts 3 online radio stations broadcasting all Latin genres with listeners in more 26,000 cities in 195 countries, being the US the country with the most activity. More than 21.5 million unique devices connected (1-25 listeners per device) worldwide. We also provide all our visitors with hourly updated news in Spanish, Social links, Events Calendar, Recipes, and Videos.


Publishes information relevant to all the minorities in RI: calendar of events, press releases, economy, politics, job opportunities, recipes, health, etc.
69,000 unique devices connected (1-25 listeners per device) from Rhode Island.
RILatino.com sends a weekly e-newsletter to more than 25,000 subscribers.


Radio and TV ads production in Spanish. We have a wide variety of female and male broadcasters available at your service. We dress your radio to your liking, with the voices you want!

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